Monday, June 14, 2010

Hot Days, Cold Nights & the Blessings of God

I just finished watching: God's Words...Never Cease and Come What May & Love It.

The background music to the first Mormon Message, "Strength Beyond My Own" by Steven Kapp Perry, like many other things which I have encountered this week, made me feel very nostalgic and a little homesick.

Along with that this week hasn't been my best. I've had to work 40hrs on a job that I do not like in the heat of the Hawaii sun. I've had issues that I've needed to sort out with one of my coworkers. My nerves have been working up over a Maori competition that I've been practicing for.

Altogether it's been exhausting.

However, I have also seen the Lord's hand working in my life.

I managed to remember and complete everything I needed to do this week. I had an awesome day off with my friends. I got my hair cut for free.

And, from the trials I've had, I have:
  1. Lost weight (apparently)
  2. Learned to forgive, even when no recompense is made on the other side
  3. Received comfort from a friend as well as service - help with my short poi skills for the Maori competition
My homesickness has allowed me to grow closer to a beloved friend whom God sent to me as a comfort and a listening ear. I feel that our bond has been strengthened and the trust between us deepened.

Along with all this I have been given the push I need to make some decisions which have been pressing on my mind for some time.

The Lord's love has been coming in at me from all sides.

I know that life can't always go how you want it to go. You can't always be happy. There is a time for all things and as Elder Wirthlin said in the second Mormon Message, these experiences are "part of [the] on-the-job-training" we so greatly need while on this earth.

We need to remember in these times that God loves us and put our trust in Him.

Rather than complaining, we need to be grateful for what we are given and have hope that there are better things to come.

I'm just going to finish with a short song I made up as I was walking home tonight:

I see the stars above in the sky
So I thank thee Lord for giving me eyes
I feel the breeze brush against my skin
So I thank thee Lord for the skin that I'm in
It's such a blessing to be alive
True, I've had my complaints
But really, Dear Lord, I love my life

♥ Amy

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