Sunday, June 27, 2010

When you get old...

Today, I watched In Sickness and Health.

I've always feared getting Alzheimer's Disease or any kind of condition or disease which might affect my ability to function mentally, but after watching this, I have come to see it in a new light. So long as I have faith, it will be alright. I will be able to get through. In a way, it's like going back to being a child and I'm not afraid of that so long as I have people I love there to support me and if not then God.

This reminds me of my Mum. She does not have Alzheimer's, but she has been gradually losing her memory since she had a stroke and had to get a blood clot taken out of her brain. I should be grateful that she is still here, but I get frustrated sometimes, when she seems to be the child and not me. It's a very selfish way of thinking. I need to be more understanding of her condition, that she can't help it. It makes me sad to think of how many times I have made her cry out in frustration at her own state because of my impatience.

I am now making it a goal to have more patience and to be willing to cater to whatever needs she may have as she continues to grow older. After all, she has looked after me all my life.

♥ Amy

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