Sunday, July 11, 2010

MOTHERHOOD: A job for the truly incredible

I haven't written for about two weeks, but I'm not giving up yet. I hope to make this blog an ongoing thing that I do on Sundays to prepare me spiritually for the Sabbath day and also something good out there in the world that people can see. I know that not too many people look at this blog and that maybe not that many ever will, but if I can help just one person through this blog in whatever way that will make me happy.

Today's Mormon Message video is Motherhood: An Eternal Partnership With God.

I talked about motherhood in one of my previous blogs: VIRTUE - because you're worth it.

And I want to add to what I've said and to what Elder Holland said in the video.

Everyone has a mother. There are stay-at-home moms, working moms and single moms, but what about future moms?

A lot of people see being a mom as something not worth taking notice of. And so a lot of woman today don't even considered motherhood to be an option. Some even try to prevent it from happening. Why? What is so bad about being a mother? Can't people see that the world is in need of good mothers?

I think Helen from "The Incredibles" explains what I'm talking about perfectly in the following video clip. (*Note: Watch 0:10 - 2:16 to avoid any blasphemy)


To whoever is out there,

Take a good look at MOTHERHOOD and what it's given to the world. Then tell me whether it's important or not.

♥ Amy

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